The Georgia Guidestones

RC: We don’t want a planet that is “safer” for humanity! We want one that is sustainable! E: Who, then, are you making the planet safer for?

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Land Use Reform

During the old times, land use was a constant problem. One group wants to build a dam, while another doesn’t want to get flooded. One group wants to mine copper, another wants to use the land to grow food. One group wants a fancy modern city, another group just wants places to live. The group […]

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The First Remembering – Water

In the city, rainfall and similar water events can be a major annoyance. But in water we find a single factor that tends to integrate all our thinking about life on Earth and what to do to sustain it. This article briefly describes how people handled water before The Event. I have collected several images […]

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Emil’s Presentation

Author’s note: Needless to say, Emil was a Practitioner. But like many in business in the old times, he was not using his business to further the Technology, except in private ways, such as through monetary donations. After the Event, he was the first – as far as we can tell – to begin publicly […]

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Introduction to The Lands

As all Practitioners know, every game requires a playing field. And on Earth, the playing field is comprised of The Lands. During the times of the Second Remembering, it became obvious that we needed to pay more attention to the proper management of the planet (and less attention to interests that ultimately proved irrelevant or […]

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The Rememberings

Situation: An Event in the not-too-distant past had destroyed, or made unavailable, virtually all recorded data about the Event itself and all experience that preceded it. It seemed necessary as a culture to do something to restore some amount of written and digital records of that past, to make our history more than a matter […]

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